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Founded in 2008, our passion for construction has driven us to become one of the fast growing and most sought after construction company in the country.

We are now known as a leading builder with a remarkable track record in commercial and residential buildings and have developed a list of trades that works with us, achieving the same standard of excellence that we strive for in every job.


Built for Better future and aim to be the leading contractor in the market.


Providing a professional approach to constructing exceptional quality projects and to deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule.

  • Commitments - Dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, employees and shareholders. 

  • Cost effective - We aimed at minimizing cost while maximizing product quality. 

  • Delivery - Focused on timely delivery to our Clients. 

  • Quality - We take pride in providing high value products, which ensures customer satisfaction. 

  • Professional - A commitment to continuous improvements and being cost-conscious.


Looking for a job in the construction industry?


At ASIANMAX, challenges await you. In line with our expansion and continuous growth, we seeks dynamic and suitable candidates to take the challenge and build your career with us.

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